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Publishing Models

In Causemos, each model family has one space where analysts can enrich its metadata, configure visualization options, and capture the default insight.

To enrich a model, you can edit any of its metadata, such as descriptions, provenance information, and configurations (default aggregation functions, resolution, etc). You need to save at least one insight that reflects the default model use case prior to publishing the model.

Model instance enrichment view for editing metadata, default configurations, and insights.

Model input parameters can be configured according to their type:

  • Discrete (string, nominal, ordinal)
  • Continuous (number, int, float)
  • Freeform (bbox, geo-code, geo name)

The aggregation function needs to be selected in order to see the data on the map.

Color Scales can be adjusted to determine how the model data appears on the map.

Various map visualization options for drought severity index.