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Models Overview

There are many models available in World Modelers.

Available Models

Currently, we support the following models:

Team Category Model Description
UCSB Weather CHIRPS Rainfall levels and anomalies for 2008 through end of March 2018
UCSB Weather CHIRPS-GEFS Daily near-term ensemble rainfall forecasts
UFL Agricultural DSSAT Maize, teff, sorghum, and wheat yields from 1984 through 2017
MINT Hydrology Flood Severity Index Model Days with flooding for a given month for 2008 to 2017
MINT Hydrology PIHM Water height for 2008 onwards for various basins
MINT Hydrology Topoflow Water heights for various basins
Kimetrica Demographic Kimetrica Population Model Ethiopia population from 2000 onward
Kimetrica Demographic Kimetrica Malnutrition model Malnutrition cases 2007 to 2018
Kimetrica Economic Kimetrica Market Price Model Commodity pricing for SS and Ethiopia 2017-2018
Columbia Economic Food Shocks Cascade Induce a regional shock to wheat production
Columbia Agricultural AgMIP’s Seasonal Crop Yield Emulator Percent yield anomalies from detrended 1980 - 2010 mean
CSIRO Agricultural APSIM Multiple scenarios (rain, temp, irrigation, fertilizer, etc) for 2018
CSIRO Agricultural G-Range Multiple scenarios (rain, temp, irrigation, fertilizer, etc) for 2018
CSIRO Agricultural CLEM Sales and demand for multiple crops at the farm level
CSIRO Agricultural SURL Transportation and logisitics model for Africa
PIK Agricultural Yield Anomalies LPJmL Yield anomalies from 1984 through April 2018
PIK Agricultural LPJmL Crop production projections
PIK Economic Multi TWIST Global wheat prices for various scenarios 1980 to 2017

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